Monster of the Speed: DEVEL SIXTEEN🔥🔥🔥


Have you ever thought about a 5000 horsepower car?

Devel engines, a Dubai based automobile assembling organization has made this impossible thing possible.

Dubai has dependably been into the news for their out-of-box plans and structures however this time they are attempting their karma in the Automobile advertise.

Resultant, the 5000hp Devel Sixteen has turned into a topic of discussion among Automobiles writers and specialists.

Particularly, the 5000hp engine and the top speed of the Sixteen. Shockingly, the producer has not uncovered the precise specifications and features yet.

Any supposition about the Devel Sixteen Price? Indeed, you will become acquainted with later!!

However, there are insufficient insights concerning this Devel car. We have attempted to break some particular data, how about we get mindful of each one of those. Will we?

Devel Sixteen Facts and Figures 

1. Devel Sixteen has a top speed of 560 km/h or 348mph

2. The hypercar has 4 turbochargers

3. It delivers in excess of 5000 horsepower

4. Devel 16 has 3 engine choices: 2000hp, 3000hp, and 5000hp

5. Supercar Blondie is the first individual to drive this V16 supercar


Engine12.3-litre V16 Engine
Turbo ChargerYes, Quad Turbo Charger
Fuel TypePetrol
Power5,007 hp @6,900rpm
Torque4,711 nm @6,600rpm
Drive TypeAll Wheel Drive (AWD)
Seating Capacity2 Passengers

Trust me, I haven't seen that incredible V16 engine in my entire life.

It is unique and one of its sort.

All things considered, credit goes to the engineers and creators at Steve Morris Engines. The organization holds forte in custom engines and accomplished various records in engine development and execution.

The prime focal point of Devel organizers to make something past standard, something anybody hasn't envisioned previously. In this way, they joined forces with the bosses – Steve Morris.

Talking of Devel Sixteen specs., the supercar comes prepared by a 12.3-liter V16 Quad Turbo oil engine, making this most dominant engine for a creation car. In the event that you take a gander at the yield, the engine belts out an incredible 5,007 hp of max. control and 4,711 Nm of pinnacle torque. Power is sent to all wheels by means of a programmed transmission.

Devel Sixteen Accerlation 

As per Steve Morris, the engine, crankshaft, and camshaft are taken from one-piece high quality tempered steel/aluminum square. You get 16 superior Titanium cylinders and 2 valves for every chamber.

Discussing suspension and optimal design, the V16 supercar comes rushed with a superlight and high-quality Carbon fiber body. You would see a functioning back wing that works as indicated by the speed. There are numerous admissions for air which adheres the hyper to the street and furthermore chills off the segments.

Execution Details Of 5000Hp Devel Sixteen

Have you at any point looked about the term – Devel Sixteen top speed? 

All things considered, there are no such exact details about the top speed, yet…

As indicated by the producer, Dubai supercar is fit to contact 0-60mph in simply 1.8 seconds. The Devel Sixteen has a top speed of 560 km/h or 348mph which makes it one of the quickest cars on the planet.

Did you know?

Devel 16 is one of the V16 cars that rival preferences of Bugatti Chiron, Hennessey Venom F5, and Koenigsegg Agera. As far as expense, Devel 16 isn't a standout amongst the most costly cars on the planet however that doesn't mean it is accessible who has profound pockets.

Devel Sixteen Review on Youtube

Cost Of Devel Sixteen Prototype 

As per Majid Al-Attar, an establishing individual from Devel Motors, the V8 (2000 hp) will be around 1.6 million dollars, the mid variation which is V16 (3000 hp) will cost you 1.8 million dollars and the top spec V16 (5007hp) is set to 2.2 million dollar sticker price.

Devel 16 VariantsDevel 16 Price
Devel 16 V8 (2000 hp)$1.6 million
Devel 16 V16 (3000 hp)$ 1.8 million
Devel 16 V16 (5007 hp)$ 2.2 million
Any guess, what might the cost of this just supercar in India?

Enable me to put the numbers among you, Devel Sixteen cost in India is far more than you have ever envisioned of any supercar. All gratitude to the 200% import obligation. Truly, the beginning cost of Devel 16 car will associate with RS 11,10,48,800 and goes up to Rs 15,26,92,100.00 as it were. In spite of the fact that, this supercar won't be accessible in India.

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