The way to become a successful freelancer

Freelancing for the developed and developing countries is one of the most discussed topics today. The number of such people is increasing day by day, who are taking freelancing their livelihood. Competition is also increasing in the Marketplace,, Fever, etc. In the marketplaces The local marketplace businessman has also been established in Bangladesh. To achieve success here at this stage you must present yourself separately from others. But how? Today we will discuss five key points to be successful freelancers.

1. Know about yourself

Three types of people are seen in outsourcing industry or freelancing. The first type of people freelancing full time. They are basically professionals who do not like desk jobs. The second type of people freelancing part time. They have a certain amount but regular work. And the third type of people suffer from decisiveness. They think it is OK to do any kind of work, do fulltime or part-time work, even if there is a problem of whether to freelance at all.
Such people are really dangerous.

If you want to come out of this third type of group, you must first keep in mind your ability, the topics you are interested in, your weaknesses, your own competence. Be sure to be confident and aim. Basically, starting with a firm determination, it is not impossible for humans to have a legal profession.

2. Keep the options in hand

You might find many people who are behind a single goal and they are determined to achieve it. If you are thinking of coming to freelancing, you have to keep in mind a few more things. Career is not a 'mission' but it is bigger than 'Vision'. Hope you understand the difference between 'Mission' and 'Vision'. Mission is short-term and long-term vision from Mission is Mission. However, always backup options should be kept, because it should not be dependent on either a marketplace or a single client. Maybe your current client is very good but remember that he will not be forever. In my experience, I saw people who lost their clients due to the payment of only the wages.

In fact, the risk factor in competitive places is very high. There can be a lot of things like the expiration of your project, the marketplace may stop, there may be problems in your account, etc. That's why connect with more than one marketplace, increase the client, create a network, create your own portfolio profile.

3. Proper use of time

Time is very valuable in the case of freelancing. Arrange your time so that its proper use is possible. Use the Time Tracker App. Take notes with tools like Evernote, Google Kip for taking notes. Finish Client's work like time. Timeliness and responsiveness are very important in the case of freelancing.

4. Select the right job

There are many evil people in the freelancing marketplace. Please check that the client is reliable before taking the job. Check out what the rating of the payment method is, what the client's rating is, what others review about the client, and so on. When finished, contact the support directly if you hide the game with the client payment.

5. Learn something new

Until his death, his skills are in the forefront. Keep updated with the world, giving a skill test, joining a new community, learning about new topics related to your job field, enhancing the skills of communication, etc.

If you can make the right decision about the above five, you will be successful in the freelancing world. As I said at the beginning, the career is a big thing. There is a lot of potential to be damaged if leakage of cash dollars and leaps in freelance to study. So you can hope to succeed if you work hard in a safe position.

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