Tesla’s new safety features really push you to stay in your lane

Image: Tesla

Tesla has presented a couple of new security features for its cars, which are intended to prevent you from floating out of your lane. Lane Departure Avoidance and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance are both intended to stop basic reasons for mishaps that can happen while drivers aren't utilizing Autopilot, Tesla says.

Lane Departure Avoidance will alarm you in case you're leaving your lane without a turn flag when your hands aren't on the wheel. On the off chance that this happens excessively while you're utilizing traffic-mindful journey control, at that point the framework will in the end turn on your danger lights and consequently hinder the car to 15 miles beneath either as far as possible or your present set speed. This feature can be turned on or off freely, and works between rates of 25 and 90 mph.


Meanwhile, the new Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance feature will naturally direct your car over into its lane in the event that it supposes you're going to crash or veer off the street. You can turn it off, yet the car will re-empower it toward the beginning of the following drive.

Lane departure cautioning frameworks aren't a new wellbeing feature. At first developed for use in business trucks, the feature has been accessible in purchaser cars going back to no less than 2001.

Back in February, Tesla announced changes to oneself driving features of its cars which split them into two classes. Normal Autopilot is prepared to do naturally directing your car while on expressways, and furthermore incorporates traffic-mindful journey control. The Full Self-Driving choice goes further, and can recommend and make lane changes, just as exploring roadway exchanges and exits. In April, the organization said that regular Autopilot will presently come as standard on every one of its cars.

The two features are taking off to Tesla Model 3 proprietors by means of an over-the-air update beginning today. In the long run they'll be accessible in all Tesla vehicles fabricated after October 2016, which are the models outfitted with Tesla's Autopilot 2.0 equipment.

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