Some OnePlus 7 Pro phones are having strange phantom tap touchscreen problems


Apparently, the OnePlus 7 Pro is the most delightful phone discharged by the organization yet — with a more expensive rate that reflects to such an extent. In any case, some early purchasers are announcing that they've seen phantom screen presses, where apps are reacting as though something on the screen had been tapped notwithstanding when the phone is sitting inert.

OnePlus knows about the issue, as per Android Police, and says it's regarding it as a high need in the wake of figuring out how to effectively reproduce the problem. On the off chance that you just purchased this phone, you're no uncertainty trusting that the phantom taps are something that can be disposed of through a product update and aren't demonstrative of a more profound equipment situation. The OnePlus 7 Pro has a first-of-its-kind OLED screen with a revive rate of up to 90Hz.

The Verge has had the option to reproduce the phantom presses on one of our OnePlus 7 audit units. Like some clients on the OnePlus discussions, it's most simple to watch the issue with the application CPU-Z. In any case, others have experienced it in Messages and different apps where phantom taps would prove bothersome.

This doesn't appear to be an all inclusive problem that is influencing all OnePlus 7 Pro phones, yet we'll be watching out for the circumstance and provide any updates that OnePlus offers in regards to a fix.

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