Mumbai Police tweets video of boy falling from building while taking selfie

Mumbai Police tweets video of kid falling from building while at the same time taking selfie 

The interest to look the most daring in a selfie have cost lives. Presently, in an offer to remind individuals that it is maybe not the most astute decision to hazard life to simply look cool.

Mumbai Police have tweeted a video. The video appears, a kid who went to the porch of a high-rise building and remained at the edge to click a selfie falling down to the base. While the subtleties of the episodes have not been shared by Mumbai Police, the aggravating video was posted on its official Twitter handle to caution natives to not settle on such irresponsible experiences.

Reports highlights that in India, somewhere in the range of 120 individuals have kicked the bucket while taking selfies since 2011. This is the highest number of these sort of fatalities on the planet. While endeavoring to take an ideal selfie, individuals have been kept running over via trains, vehicles, suffocated and tumbled from precipices or buildings. Recently, a 27-year-elderly person kicked the bucket of consume wounds after he interacted with a live overhead wire while apparently taking selfie on a stopped products train in Jamshedpur.

In the interim, last year so as To help anticipate selfie passings and wounds, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar has built up an artificial intelligence-based app, which investigations the environment around the mobile telephone client and alarms him/her of any danger. The app created by Dr Abhinav Dhall, partner educator, and his students Jitender Singh and Harsh Vardhan Dogra has been named Garuda.

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