Microsoft is putting the sexy into unsexy software

I haven't utilized SharePoint for almost 10 years, and I never thought I'd need to willfully utilize it again. That changed for this present week after Microsoft uncovered its latest sizzle video. The software goliath as a rule holds these for new Surface equipment or conspicuous Windows and Office highlights, yet this latest one (see above) is about SharePoint "advancements."

 It's beautiful, lovely, and makes SharePoint appear to be hot rather than the exhausting corporate intranet site that the vast majority partner it with. Microsoft's video likewise contains the air pockets that structure part of the new SharePoint logo — part of a more extensive redo of the organization's Office symbols that are taking off this moment. It likewise incorporates a lot of Microsoft's Fluent Design components that structure part of the organization's huge push towards open plan inside.


So for what reason did Microsoft make such a garish video for SharePoint? The organization held a SharePoint meeting not long ago and propelled a new SharePoint home destinations highlight. It's a new landing site for a business' intranet that joins news, occasions, substance, video, and even discussions. SharePoint is utilized by organizations to empower coordinated effort, and these new home destinations resemble an unquestionably progressively current approach to accomplish that.

This isn't the first run through Microsoft has utilized smooth videos to advance software that is not actually stylish, however. Microsoft divulged its new Windows Terminal at Build prior this month, complete with a sizzle video. It's set to a tune loaded with bongos and applauds by Hey Buko, a generally obscure pop pair. A terminal and SharePoint aren't actually cutting edge Surface items, yet Microsoft is utilizing every one of the apparatuses available to its to make them look attractive.

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