Google suspends Android support for Huawei: What it means for your smartphone


Google's decision to suspend Huawei's use of some parts of the Android operating system will send shockwaves through the smartphone showcase. Huawei is the second biggest smartphone producer however relies on the Android operating system, which is viably kept running by Google, as the motor of its devices. Google will hinder Huawei's use of Android updates, aside from those made accessible in the open-source version of the operating system, as indicated by Reuters.

In a statement Huawei said: "Huawei has made substantial contributions to the advancement and development of Android around the globe. As one of Android's key worldwide partners, we have worked closely with their open-source stage to build up an ecosystem that has profited the two users and the industry.

"We will keep on structure a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, so as to give the best understanding to all users all around," it said.

"Huawei has made very focused equipment however Google services and Android OS are still basic to consumers in universal markets. Losing Google's portable services will be inconvenient to Huawei's smartphone business," said analyst firm Canalys, taking note of that Huawei had a "stellar" first quarter in Europe

"Huawei smartphone supply stop would trigger serious channel and market disruption," it said.

Also, Carolina Milanese, a tech analyst at Creative Strategies, tweeted: "This will hugy affect #Huawei in Europe the star showcase outside of China. It will interest see whether there are workarounds however as much as Huawei is critical to Android gov't and enterprise showcase are vital to Google."

Image: Canalys

Google's turn comes after the US Department of Commerce last week added Huawei to its 'Substance List' because the office said it had data that driven it to reason that Huawei is occupied with activities that are in opposition to US national security or outside approach interest. US companies can't transfer innovation to a company on that list without a license from the US government.

At the time, Huawei said the move would do significant monetary mischief to the American companies with which Huawei does business, influence tens of thousands of American jobs, "and disrupt the present coordinated effort and common trust that exist on the worldwide supply chain".

I don't get this' meaning for current Huawei smartphones? 

Google has said that for current Huawei users nothing changes yet. "We assure you while we are conforming to all US gov't requirements, services like Google Play and security from Google Play Protect will continue working on your existing Huawei gadget," it said.

Huawei has said that it will keep on giving security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those have been sold or still in stock comprehensively.

Be that as it may, it's indistinct whether, when future versions of Android arrive, it will be possible to overhaul your Huawei smartphone.

I'm not catching this' meaning for future Huawei smartphones? 

While Android is frequently described as an open source smartphone operating system, truly a significant number of the features that customers truly use the most, similar to the Google Play store or Google Maps, are to a great extent exclusive apps possessed by Google.

As it stands, it seems that future versions of Huawei devices won't probably use some of the services that Google has based over Android. That would mean Huawei would be restricted to the open source version of Android, which provides the basic smartphone functions. One choice will be to develop services - just as Google has done - over that basic system.

Huawei has just uncovered that is has had a back-up plan set up for eventualities like this. "We have arranged our own operating system. Should it ever happen that we can never again use these systems, we would be readied. That is our arrangement B. Obviously we like to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft," said Richard Yu, head of Huawei's consumer bunch told a German newspaper recently. The company also said: "Android and Windows will always remain our first choices."

In any case, Forrester's vital analyst Charlie Dai said: "This move will have basic effect toward Huawei's business around smart phones. Huawei has its own portable OS as a reinforcement, yet it's not completely prepared yet and it's hard to develop the ecosystem as what Huawei has been doing on Android."

What does the majority of this have to do with 5G? 

This chain of events truly has little to do with Huawei smartphones (the company really sells not very many in the US), and has come about to a great extent because of the continuous column about 5G, security and Huawei. The US government has been increasing worried about Huawei's organizing innovation being used to control 5G networks the world over. It warns that using Huawei means the Chinese government may probably drive the company to spy on customers or communications running over the system. As 5G will be a crucial structure obstruct for new services like smart cities, the Internet of Things and self-driving cars the US and some of its allies are stressed that the risk of using Huawei is excessively extraordinary. Huawei has denied that its innovation could be used by the Chinese government in such a way.

What's the effect of this liable to be? 

Assuming the suspension stays set up long haul this could seriously affect Huawei, compelling it to quickly develop an option in contrast to the Android services on its phones, especially in Europe where's its development has been strongest. It won't have much effect on its China business which doesn't use the Google services in any case. It's probable going to be a boost for Huawei's rivals in the short term as the Chinese company scrambles to work out how to manage this. Longer term it could mean another - Chinese - opponent to Android will currently come to fruition. It's also worth taking a gander at the specific situation; the US and the China are setting out on an increasingly serious exchange war; much will rely upon how the Chinese government responds to this latest move.

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