Google Pixel 3 Review

The best camera phone of 2018

Good pixel 3 takes bright photos even with very low light, with its single rear lens and it can capture larger self-photographs. It has water resistant, Wireless charging and it can screen unwanted calls.

Bad phone does not have expandable memory or headphone jack. Shot-to-shot camera delay may be lazy in certain modes.

The bottom line is Pixel 3's truly unique camera and AI powered call screening gives it a great edge in the crowd of 2018 crowded winners.

I first reviewed the Pixel 3 and the Big 3 XLin October, I thought it was one of the best phones of the year. But until I finished the Vanplus 6 and iPhone XR, I stopped declining a full verdict, and promised to launch it until Google's big camera feature was launched.

Now any big 2018 smartphone and night site updates are available, but I can definitely say that the pixels 3 is actually one of the best phones in the year and my top overall Android picture. This is really awesome, and it currently has the best camera you can currently get the phone.

In all things I liked about it, I was impressed most by the vibrant and sharp pictures taking with the single rear camera. This is a pixel competition, including OnePlus 6T, iPhone Xs and Galaxy Note 9 cameras (or sometimes even more). And with Night Sight, it can even bright even dark scenes without flash, that I'm not quite sure it's not magic.

However, half of pixel draws are Google software and the entire ecosystem collected with it. Google wants to associate with you and wants to integrate it with other Google services like Gmail and Calendar. This is useful at times - especially for the assistant new skills to answer your calls. (Yes, it looks like woodcutter, but it helps fight against the disturbance of spam calls in my life.) Strict notifications and tips and requests are annoying, but thankfully you can stop these tasks.

So an outstanding camera (which takes better photos than iPhone XS) and Google's user experience starts at $ 799 (£ 739, AU $ 1,199) for 64 GB Pixel 3? If you are not concerned about the expandable storage, I say yes. The price of the phone is more than the Galaxy S9, and it is cheaper than the $ 1000 (£ 999, AU $ 1,629) baseline value compared to the iPhone XS. According to the identification 128 GB iPhone XR is a tempting option, but its camera does not measure up to just pixels 3.
However, if you want additional storage, things get more complicated. S9 is better than that, because it can hold up to 400GB of extra data and 256GB iPhone is actually cheaper for any power than GBP of less than 3 pixels.

But if you are willing to pay, then the pixel 3 is outstanding. It may not be luxurious as the iPhone X or Galaxy S9, but it also enjoys an extra-perfect one coming from Google Phone, which includes unlimited cloud storage and timely software updates. And with its maximum usable camera, the Pixel 3 is top-quality.

Keep in mind that the Pixel 3 is available in a large 6.3-inch model (compared to the 5.5-inch display of this model). The Pixel 3XL starts at $ 899 (£ 869, AU $ 1,349) and offers more battery life and a hidden groove on its display. But features with cameras are otherwise the same.

The unique camera of pixels is redistributed again

If pixel 2 ($ 649 in Google Store) camera was nice, pixel 3 is exceptional. Pixels take impressive low light images, record fixed video, and take strong portrait photos with just a rear lens compared to a phone that uses two cameras for the same effect. Its wide dynamic range is different in light and exposure, especially in the production of images that look better than ever, in real life.

The new camera software also aims to improve the quality of the photo. Improved camera's low-light power with a feature known as Google's NightSite. It works very well, even dark scenes enlightened and focusing on objects. Top speed, works when you take "motion" pictures, shows sunny and open eyes to recommend the best picture in the series. To enhance its digital zoom, pixels add several photos together and process more detail, zoom-in shots.

In general, pixels take 3 beautiful pictures, which make the images look nice and clear. The color you see in iPhone XS is even more intense, but not unrealistic or exaggerated. Pixels also handle white balance and its skin tones were true for life than the Galaxy S9 and Note 9. It has been more detailed with dark shades than Galaxy phones.

There was a time when OnePlus 6T's pixel 3 was a dynamic range that was broader than the default mode of XL, and it became more color bright.

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