Germany ready for flying taxi proposal by Audi and Airbus!!!

Flying Taxi Project 
Germany decided to support the Flying Taxi Project proposed by Airbus and Audi. According to Bloomberg's report, the government has just signed a letter to manage the Bay of Bengal's Inglestate and its surroundings.

Flying taxis are no longer a perspective, they can take us to a new level of mobility, they are a huge opportunity for companies and young startups that already develop this technology very quickly and successfully.

German Transport Minister Andrew Scheuer's statement makes clear that the German government is ready to go ahead with this initiative. This project aims to relieve road traffic and to support the technical industry of the country.

Audi, Airbus and Etadiadzin offer 'Pop Up Ups'

In June, Geneva released a prototype mixed with a drone and an electric car, including the A2, Airbus and Audi Essentials. The concept of 'Pop Up Next' is a quadrilateral and two-door city car. Both machines are electric and autonomous. In April 2018, we saw similar prototypes to another German company Volcopter, who also proposed the idea of ​​air taxi.

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