8 PUBG Mobile tips and hacks to assist you last longer within the game

For several consecutive popular fight robes, PUBG's mobile has its own sub-culture. Player's Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) has hit the 100 million download mark only recently on Android and iOS, and its popularity will not only increase. It's going to be something that players can be the centers of your upcoming tournaments and teams with their friends alone or perhaps with some friends. The PC version of PC mobile ended with success, which was released in March last year.
The game's developer PUBG Corp, has also succeeded in launching a competitive gaming environment for both PCs and mobile versions. PC version is more suitable for hard-core gamers because it has at least half-decent gaming rig. However, PUBG Mobile runs most of the budget smartphones easily and does not have to be blocked on the chairs to run it.
PUBG is one of the largest user backgrounds in the world, India's top three ranking. So when the number of contests is very high - the game has launched the global and regional ranking system - you really need to be the best to get a taste of the over-the-counter chicken dinner. So make sure you do not crash in the first round, here are some PUBG mobile tips and hacks you should take from an average player to someone who has a chance to win - whether alone, both or the squad mode.

1. Keep the graphics setting as low as possible

PUBG Mobile renders the environment on your screen. Other players playing online are rendered live separately. Most of the prominent players simply keep crawling in open ground with grass to hide them. When the graphics settings are set to lower, the grass patch is not far far render. The opponent may think that they are hiding but you will be able to spot them because you will not see the grass that is helping to hide the grass.

2. Use a good headset

Finding another player hidden around depends largely on providing attention to game audio. The footprints of upcoming players are marked by the orange index in the minimap. However, a good headset will listen to the best steps before you appear on a visual indicator. In addition, the headset allows you to listen to silent gunfight, which will not be shown visually in the minimap.

3. Do not crawl in the grass when the zone is relatively big or when you already see it

Rendering graphics restrictions that you can see players away while hiding in the grass, they will also have the same benefits to other players on the server. You can think that you are hiding, but someone can spot you and kill you. Crawl in the grass and safe hiding while playing in the final zone when you have left some players. When many players are being shot, there is a habit of avoiding and avoiding bullets. This will not help you because your enemy will spot you and know your location. It's always good to run and it jumps to find the cover because it gives you a higher chance of survival.

4. Lean and shoot when you shoot from a cover

While taking the cover during the shootout, most players continue to express themselves while trying to bring the enemy back to the fire and make a big goal to shoot it. If you shoot at the corners and your enemies in the corners you should use zero options to have a good chance to avoid a fired bullets.

5. Keep Your Health Most Healthy

There are several guns designed to suppress 95-97 percent damage if noticed correctly. When you are hit by such arms, use your remaining health to find the cover and cure yourself. Once you cure once you can kill the enemy. However, if your health is not in the initial stage, it will turn into your death.

6. Jump on the ground to avoid being hit by a flat down or a car

Although most players are driving to reach them and they start firing the driver to save themselves, they are very surprised, but there are better ways to avoid running. You can sit flat on the right side of the car, which will cross you, an enemy will try to run over you. Another trick is to jump on your own time and when it is to hit you. It will take some practice getting right but you will master the technique once each time it will work.

7. Keep the top 10 while power times full

Filling energy bars at the top of the health bar as you drink health drink or drink energy drinks. This time helps you to cure as your health decreases. When times are full, your health will cure up to 80%. Keeping the entire bar helps you run faster and helps you continually cure damage.

8. Do not shoot the enemy in the final circle until you are sure that you can be killed

In the final circle, sometimes 10 to 12 players are limited to small zones. When there is so much closeness with the enemies, the shooting will reveal your position to other players in the circle. It may be killed by a third party whom you have not seen before. Because of this, you are sure that you can certainly get a kill when you are only fire.

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