Impact Of Digital Signage To Multiple Sectors

Why not benefit from the advantages of investing in digital signage by providing correct information, updated at all times and addressed directly to your audience.

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The Growth Of Digital Signage

Studies tell us that digital signage captures 400% more attention than static signals and 80% of brands using internal digital signage experienced up to 33% additional sales, according to a Nielsen Consumer survey.

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Impact Of Digital Signage To Multiple Sectors

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Digital signage solutions serve different industry sectors in different ways. However, they all share a common benefit, the goal of communicating with your audience in real time.

Why not benefit from the advantages of investing in digital signage by providing correct information, updated at all times and addressed directly to your audience. Digital signage will improve your business advertising, increase your sales and will provide uninterrupted advertising 24 hours a day.

A testament to the effectiveness of digital signage is the number of sectors that are taking advantage of the potential of digital signage:


Communication through digital signage serves a strategic purpose and will help you achieve the goals for your business. Its digital signage solution will enhance the importance of the message, which will provide greater impact to the message.

Aside from better communication with your customers, digital signage will also allow you to distribute specific information for each department or business unit and that they can, in turn, publish their own information on the screens in their workplace. You can also promote the achievements of your staff and business. It will allow you to receive your visitors and present your business in a unique and modern way


Attracting students and teachers alike will be more interesting with the installation of digital signage solutions in colleges, universities, and adult education centers. The current generation proves to be more sensitive to digital media because it has been part of their culture and as a result teachers are also adapting to the use of digital media.

The digital signage outdoors can be placed prominently to inform the student body, faculty and parents of relevant information and upcoming events. It can also show relevant information for students and teachers at your convenience. Digital signs will also replace boring message boards or bulks filled with messages. It will also generate a community and participatory environment where everyone is informed of events and achievements. You can also easily present the students’ work generating a sense of satisfaction and motivation.


A clear message makes people feel welcome and comfortable in their restaurant or hotel. Advertising through digital signage allows the presentation of information in various formats and be placed in strategic places to have a greater impact. Making personal message will also be easier making your guests feel more welcomed.


The impact that digital signage has had on the entire commercial sector has been immense, revolutionizing the consumer buying experience. With digital signage you are presented with the opportunity to make the most informed purchasing decisions and your points of sale become more visible and attractive, thus increasing your sales.
Promote your products, services, promotions and special events at the point of sale. You can also provide updates in a fast and comfortable way, without additional costs and without the dependence of a third party company. More modern signage will also help you build a brand image that is recognized and trusted


Instant digital messaging has transformed the way information is communicated to travelers at transportation hubs around the world. Airports, railway stations, and buses have benefited from the solutions through digital means, reducing the queries and queues at the information points.
Displays information in real time, keeping passengers informed at all times.

Whatever your economic activity sector, digital signage solutions are a safe way to reduce costs, control the displayed content of your advertising and information as well as improve your brand image by increasing your sales and therefore your profits. The possibilities are unlimited!

Video Editing For Your Business

So you have been trying to learn more about video production such as video editing for your company, or you planned to put up your video production company but not ready enough because of the skills required to be successful. Having the expertise and equipment is not sufficient. You need to know how to improve more your skills, expose yourself to the industry to be known and market your video editing skills as well.

It is understood that to become an expert in video production, you need a skill and nonstop to learn new techniques and technology for personal benefit and business purposes such as marketing. On the other hand, this is a tool that many people forget to use. Some people believe they are not capable of producing a professional video. However, anyone can make an excellent presentation for a business plan with some easy steps.

This article will show you some basic steps to video production to start with, and if you still think you cannot produce a stable video, then you can look for a company that offers video production services and video editing in Jacksonville FL. This applies in particular if you want to be very creative and use such things as video animation. Most likely you will be able to find a marketing video production wherever you live in Jacksonville.

If you still insist on improving more your skill of video editing in Jacksonville FL, you have to seek out internships with summer theater or video production organizations. You may get a chance to sing, dance and act. You’ll be more likely to be assigned to help clean the theater, sell tickets, do ushering, paint scenery and do other not-so-glamorous jobs. You can also check with your college counselor or surf the internet for summer theater and movie/video internship opportunities. Going out and participating in video production services can improve your skill and if you did a good job, then it is also a way of exposure.

Now that you have an idea on how to improve your video production and editing skills, then you can start putting up your website and looking for some keywords to use as a marketing strategy. Moreover, you can use other digital marketing methods such as article marketing, video marketing, blogging, social media, social bookmarking and other methods that can effectively market your video production company and skills.

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The Growth Of Digital Signage

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The digital signage sector is rapidly growing. Last 2015 it reached a value of $ 16.88 billion and is expected to reach $ 27.34 billion by 2022. The use of digital signage is a hotly debated issue among many of our customers. Fashion distribution sector, but has not yet taken off as expected for something that promises so much to so many.

Studies tell us that digital signage captures 400% more attention than static signals and 80% of brands using internal digital signage experienced up to 33% additional sales, according to a Nielsen Consumer survey.

Control and costs drive current decisions

These two factors seem to be the two key pillars when it comes to making a meaningful investment decision across the company about digital signage for fashion and distribution.

The ability to ensure solid internal experiences with the latest looks and promotions around the world is a huge advantage. Many global distributors are concerned about having a consistent brand presence in stores, and digital signage offers the ability to centrally or regionally control the content displayed in the establishment. This reduces dependence on human intervention to eliminate or update the visual merchandising of the store.

In addition, the cost of those responsible for the visual presentation and the time it takes to change traditional signage may end up being a major business case, as a fast food chain discovered when it decided to go digital. They based their case on the time and money they would need to replace their menus and prices in their thousands of locations around the world.

While control and cost are important, the real opportunity is to allow immersive digital experiences. Customers love to live a personalized trip and digital signage can help retailers offer their customers an authentic all-around experience.

The integrated opportunity to achieve better experiences

Retailers recognize immersive store experiences as an increasingly important element for online retail and especially mobile retailing, according to the Fashion Retail Report of 2014. In addition, given that the average fashion consumer currently uses up to five channels to make purchases, it is important to think beyond store and control and cost when reflecting on the opportunity of digital signage.

Showcases are the next great advertising opportunity

The fashion industry spends more than $500 billion a year on advertising. Most large chains own thousands of square meters of high-quality advertising space: their own shop windows. And many do not make the most of them. Most fashion retailers still use traditional mannequins to attract and seduce.

Digital storefronts are the next big advertising opportunity for fashion retailers. Not only to attract consumers to their stores but also to strengthen brand recognition, create involvement and be relevant.

Relevance is profitable

Using contextually relevant advertising improves results. That’s what Adshel and Neuro-Insight discovered in the first global neurological study to demonstrate the effectiveness of contextually relevant advertising on digital media outside the home. They concluded that it was up to 19% more effective than non-contextual advertising.

Digital signage as a substitute for the traditional showcase offers a fantastic opportunity to “be relevant.” Integrating digital signage content programming with the time of day, the day of the week or even weather sensors can provide contextually relevant advertising. For example, when it rains you can show the most recent video on waterproof clothing instead of the same recording regardless of time, time of day or day of the week.

Intimate and personal

As more and more retailers incorporate RFID tags into garments, the opportunity for contextual relevance for digital signage in stores continues. For example, digital signage can be used in locker rooms to give instructions in using accessories to items tested by customers.

These are just some of the reasons why digital signage is rapidly growing and becoming more popular. What other reasons can you think?